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GM bearing kit proload

GM bearing kit proload
  • GM bearing kit proload
  • GM bearing kit proload

Steering column spring 26055299 promotion $1.2 Steering Column housing seat 7815184 promotion $2.3

  • Product No.: 26055299 & 7815184
  • Price: USD3.5


GM Car Parts---Upper bearing kit preload Spring & Seat

Steering Column-Spring 26055299

Steering Column-Housing Seat 7815184

Focus on GM steering column components reverse engineering and custom manufacturing.

Steering Column spring was made by automatic spring machine with firm program. 

Steering Column Housing Seat was made by complete stamping process, 3 station stamping die production line set.

This 2 parts working together to build 
proload kit for steering column shaft upper bearing 5696210

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